Hemplights Clipper: A Natural Way to Light Your Smoke

If you are looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to using a regular lighter, you might want to consider the Hemplights Clipper. This is a simple and convenient device that allows you to use natural hemp wick instead of butane gas to light your products. Hemp wick is made of organic hemp coated with beeswax, which produces a gentle and low-temperature flame that preserves the flavor and quality of your smoke. Hemp wick also reduces the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals and toxins from butane gas, which can damage your lungs and affect your health.

The Hemplights Clipper is designed to fit the standard Clipper lighter, which is a popular and reliable brand of lighters that can be refilled and replaced. The Hemplights Clipper has a one-piece design with an aluminum extinguish pipe that holds the hemp wick in place and puts it out after use. The base of the Hemplights Clipper comes pre-wrapped with 4 feet of organic hemp wick, which can be easily dispensed and adjusted. The Hemplights Clipper is compact and easy to use, and it comes in different colors to suit your preference.

To use the Hemplights Clipper, you simply need to insert your Clipper lighter into the sleeve, pull out some hemp wick from the base, wrap it around the aluminum pipe, and light it with the lighter. Then you can use the hemp wick flame to light your products, such as pipes, bongs, joints, or blunts. When you are done, you can push the hemp wick back into the base or cut it off with scissors. You can also refill the base with more hemp wick when it runs out.

The Hemplights Clipper is a great tool for smokers who care about their health and the environment. It is also a cost-effective way to save money on lighters and gas refills. By using the Hemplights Clipper, you can enjoy a smoother and tastier smoking experience with natural hemp wick.

Source of images: https://hemplights.com/products/the-og-hemp-wick-lighter-standard-clipper