EO Vape Covert Palm Cartridge Battery: A Review

If you are looking for a discreet and easy way to enjoy your favorite oils, you might want to check out the EO Vape Covert Palm Cartridge Battery. This is a portable auto-draw vaporizer that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and delivers smooth and flavorful hits with every draw. Here are some of the features and benefits of this device:

  • High-quality materials:

    The EO Vape Covert Palm Cartridge Battery is made of durable aluminum alloy that protects your cartridge from damage and gives it a sleek and stylish look. The device comes in two color options: black and silver.

  • 510 threading:

    The device is compatible with most 510-threaded cartridges, which are easy to attach and detach with the magnetic connection. You can use any cartridge of your choice, as long as it is not wider than 10mm.

  • Auto draw:

    The device has no buttons or settings to worry about. Just inhale and enjoy. The device has an LED indicator that shows the battery level and flashes when it is ready to use.

  • Easy to use:

    The device has a simple design that makes it easy to operate and maintain. To charge the device, just plug it into any USB port with the included cable. The device has a pass-through charging feature that allows you to use it while it is charging.

  • 650mAh battery:

    The device has a powerful battery that can last for several days of moderate use. The battery can vape an entire 1g cartridge without needing a recharge.

  • Fits in a pocket or purse:

    The device is very compact and lightweight, measuring only 55mm x 42mm x 8mm and weighing only 44g. You can easily carry it around in your pocket or purse without anyone noticing.

The EO Vape Covert Palm Cartridge Battery is a great device for anyone who wants a discreet and convenient way to vape oils. It is similar to other popular devices like the CCell Palm and the O.pen 2.0 Conceal, but it has some advantages over them, such as a larger battery capacity, a more ergonomic design, and a lower price. You can get this device for only $31.49 at Smoke Cartel, one of the leading online headshops.

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The images used in this article are from Smoke Cartel’s website.