Mini Bent Neck Water Pipe Review

<br /> Mini Bent Neck Water Pipe Review<br />

If you are looking for a compact and affordable water pipe that can deliver smooth and flavorful hits, you might want to check out the Mini Bent Neck Water Pipe by Valiant. This water pipe is made from thick borosilicate glass and features a 14.5mm female joint and a fixed percolated diffusion downstem. The downstem has slits that create bubbles and cool down the smoke as it travels through the water chamber. The bent neck design prevents water from splashing into your mouth and also provides a comfortable grip and angle for smoking. The water pipe comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger nail that is ideal for dabbing concentrates, but you can also use it with dry herbs by swapping the nail with a bowl piece.

The Mini Bent Neck Water Pipe has a simple and sleek design that is easy to use and clean. It stands at 7 inches tall and has a base diameter of 3 inches, making it portable and discreet. The water pipe has a clear glass body that allows you to see the smoke and water level, and a colored glass tube that adds some personality and style. You can choose from six different colors: amber, blue, green, teal, transparent black or yellow. The water pipe also has a Valiant logo on the neck and the base.

The Mini Bent Neck Water Pipe is a great option for anyone who wants a versatile and durable water pipe that can handle both concentrates and dry herbs. It has a smooth airflow and a powerful percolation system that enhances the flavor and potency of your hits. It is also easy to hold and operate, thanks to its ergonomic bent neck design. The water pipe is available for $55.99 at Smoke Cartel, an online headshop that offers free shipping, price match guarantee, easy returns and excellent customer service.

Source of images: Smoke Cartel