Marble Accented Honeypot Dab Rig: A Sweet Treat for Your Dabs

If you are looking for a cute and colorful dab rig that will make your dabs taste like honey, you might want to check out the Marble Accented Honeypot Dab Rig. This mini rig is designed to look like a honeypot, complete with a colored marble and a matching accented mouthpiece. It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and features a 14mm female polished joint and a quartz banger nail. The dab rig has a fire-cut diffused downstem that filters and cools your vapor, giving you smooth and flavorful hits.

The Marble Accented Honeypot Dab Rig is available in two colors: purple and black. The purple one has a lavender marble and mouthpiece, while the black one has a dark blue marble and mouthpiece. Both colors are eye-catching and elegant, making this dab rig a great addition to your glass collection. The dab rig is also very affordable, costing only $49.99 at You can enjoy free shipping and easy returns when you order from this online headshop.

The Marble Accented Honeypot Dab Rig is the perfect companion for a little wake and bake treat in the morning. You can enjoy your favorite concentrates with this dab rig and feel like you are in the 100 Acre Wood with Pooh and his friends. Just remember to do your Pooh stretches first!

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