Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong Review

If you are looking for a bong that delivers smooth, frosty and flavorful hits, you might want to check out the Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong. This is a midsize beaker style bong that features a detachable glycerin coil that can be frozen for an hour to create a cooling effect on the smoke. The glycerin coil snaps securely onto the bubbler base, which has a 14mm downstem percolator that filters and diffuses the smoke. The beaker bong is made from high quality borosilicate glass that is easy to clean and durable. The beaker bong also comes with a 14mm male bowl and a keck clip to keep the glycerin coil in place.

The Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong is designed to provide a superior smoking experience compared to regular bongs that rely on ice cubes or cold water. Ice cubes can melt and increase the water level, making the bong hard to hit. Cold water can also lose its chill after a few hits, reducing the cooling effect. The glycerin coil, on the other hand, can stay frozen for longer and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the session. Glycerin is a non-toxic, organic substance that freezes faster and stays colder than water. It also does not expand when frozen, so it won’t crack the glass.

The Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong is perfect for beginners and experienced smokers alike. It is easy to use, low maintenance and delivers powerful hits that are gentle on the throat and lungs. The beaker bong has an ergonomic design that feels great in your hand and is easy to pass around. It has a classic look that will fit any decor and impress your friends. The beaker bong is also compatible with a dab kit (sold separately) that allows you to enjoy concentrates with the same cooling effect.

The Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong is one of the best bongs on the market today. It combines innovation, quality and performance to create a unique and satisfying smoking experience. If you want to enjoy smooth, frosty and flavorful hits every time, you should definitely give the Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong a try.

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