How to Hide or Disguise a Glass Bong from Unwanted Attention or Detection

If you enjoy smoking herbs or tobacco from a glass bong, you may have encountered situations where you need to hide or disguise your bong from prying eyes. Whether it’s your parents, your landlord, your roommate, or anyone else who might not approve of your hobby, you don’t want them to find out about your bong and cause trouble for you. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to conceal your bong so that it doesn’t attract attention or suspicion. Here are some tips on how to hide or disguise a glass bong from unwanted attention or detection.

Use Old Boxes to Hide Your Bong

One of the easiest and most effective ways to hide your bong is to use old boxes that you have lying around. For example, you can use an old shoebox, a board game box, a video game console box, or any other box that is big enough to fit your bong inside. Just make sure that the box is not too conspicuous or out of place in your room. You can also label the box with something boring or uninteresting, such as “old books” or “school supplies”, to deter anyone from opening it. To hide the smell of your bong, you can wrap it in a plastic bag or some newspaper before putting it in the box.

Hang a Backpack in the Corner Closet

Another simple way to hide your bong is to put it in a backpack or a duffel bag and hang it in the corner of your closet. This way, your bong will be out of sight and out of reach for most people. You can also fill the backpack or bag with some clothes or other items to create some padding and cushioning for your bong. This will protect it from breaking and also mask the smell of your bong. Just make sure that the backpack or bag is not one that you use regularly or that someone else might borrow.

Use a Suitcase or Luggage to Hide Your Bong

If you have a suitcase or luggage that you don’t use often, you can use it as a hiding spot for your bong. You can place your bong inside the suitcase or luggage and lock it with a combination or a key. Then, you can store the suitcase or luggage under your bed, in your closet, or in any other place where it won’t be noticed. This method is especially useful if you have a large or bulky bong that won’t fit in other containers. Just remember to keep the key or the combination somewhere safe and accessible.

Disguise Your Bong as Something Else

If you want to be more creative and sneaky, you can disguise your bong as something else that looks harmless or ordinary. For example, you can disguise your bong as a water bottle, a vase, a lamp, a candle holder, or anything else that matches the shape and size of your bong. You can use stickers, paint, glue, tape, or any other materials to modify and decorate your bong so that it looks like something else. You can also buy ready-made disguised bongs online that look like everyday objects. Just make sure that the disguised bong is functional and safe to use.

Clean Your Bong Regularly

No matter how well you hide or disguise your bong, you should always clean it regularly to prevent it from smelling bad and getting dirty. Cleaning your bong will also improve its performance and taste, as well as reduce the risk of bacteria and mold growth. To clean your bong, you can use alcohol, vinegar, salt, baking soda, or any other household products that can dissolve resin and tar. You can also buy special cleaning solutions and tools designed for glass bongs online or at local head shops. To clean your bong, simply put it in a plastic bag or container with some cleaning agent and shake it well until all the dirt comes off. Then rinse it with warm water and let it dry completely before using it again.


Hiding or disguising a glass bong from unwanted attention or detection is not hard if you know some tricks and tips. You can use old boxes, backpacks, suitcases, luggage, or any other containers to hide your bong in plain sight. You can also disguise your bong as something else that looks normal and innocent. And don’t forget to clean your bong regularly to keep it fresh and functional. With these methods, you can enjoy smoking herbs or tobacco from your glass bong without worrying about anyone finding out.