DabPadz The Dabfather Large Dab Mat: A Review


If you are looking for a way to protect your glass dab rig from scratches, cracks, or shattering, you might want to consider getting a dab mat. A dab mat is a pad that you place under your rig to cushion it from any impact or vibration. Dab mats can also prevent your rig from sliding off the table, and keep your surface clean from any sticky residue.

One of the most popular dab mats on the market is the DabPadz The Dabfather Large Dab Mat. This mat features a screen-printed fabric top with a humorous design of The Dabfather, a parody of The Godfather movie poster, enjoying his concentrates. The design is colorful and eye-catching, and will surely add some fun and personality to your dabbing setup.

The Dabfather mat is not only stylish, but also functional. It measures 10 inches by 16 inches, which is large enough to accommodate most dab rigs and accessories. The base of the mat is made with a shock-absorbent rubber material that provides a firm grip and stability. The rubber also prevents any heat transfer from your rig to the surface below, which can prevent damage or fire hazards.

The Dabfather mat is easy to use and maintain. You simply place it under your rig and enjoy your dabbing session. If the mat gets dirty or sticky, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with mild soap and water. The fabric top is durable and resistant to fading, so you don’t have to worry about losing the quality of the design.

The Dabfather mat is also affordable and widely available online. You can find it on various websites such as Amazon, Grasscity, Dankgeek, and Smoke Cartel. The price ranges from $20 to $23, depending on the seller and shipping options. You can also find other designs from DabPadz, such as The Dab Lab, The Dab Side, and The Dab To The Future.

If you are looking for a dab mat that combines style, functionality, and quality, you might want to check out the DabPadz The Dabfather Large Dab Mat. It will protect your glass rig from damage, keep your surface clean and safe, and make your dabbing experience more enjoyable and entertaining.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any product or service. Always do your own research before making a purchase decision.

The images used in this article are taken from the websites of Amazon, Grasscity, Dankgeek, and Smoke Cartel.