How to Customize a Glass Bong with Accessories and Percolators?

A glass bong is a device that allows you to smoke herb or tobacco by filtering the smoke through water. Glass bongs come in different shapes, sizes and designs, but they can also be customized with various accessories and percolators to enhance your smoking experience. In this blog post, we will explain what accessories and percolators are, how they work, and how to choose the best ones for your glass bong.

What are Bong Accessories?

Bong accessories are parts or pieces that you can add to your glass bong to improve its functionality, appearance or durability. Some of the most common bong accessories are:

  • Bowls: Bowls are the containers where you put your herb or tobacco before lighting it. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials, such as glass, ceramic, metal or silicone. You can choose a bowl that matches your bong’s style, color or theme, or you can mix and match different bowls for different occasions.
  • Downstems: Downstems are the tubes that connect the bowl to the water chamber of the bong. They also help to diffuse the smoke into the water, creating bubbles and cooling the smoke. Downstems can be fixed or removable, and they can have different lengths, diameters and angles. You can choose a downstem that fits your bong’s joint size and shape, or you can upgrade to a better downstem that offers more diffusion or airflow.
  • Ashcatchers: Ashcatchers are attachments that you can place between the bowl and the downstem of your bong. They act as an extra filter for the smoke, catching any ash, tar or debris before they reach the water chamber. Ashcatchers also help to keep your bong cleaner and reduce the need for frequent cleaning. Ashcatchers can have different sizes, shapes and percolators, depending on your preference and budget.

What are Bong Percolators?

Bong percolators are devices that further filter the smoke by creating more bubbles and increasing the surface area of the smoke in contact with water. Percolators can be built-in or added externally to your glass bong, and they can have different designs and functions. Some of the most popular types of bong percolators are:

  • Tree Percolators: Tree percolators are percolators that have multiple arms or branches that extend from a central tube. Each arm has several slits or holes at the end that create tiny bubbles when the smoke passes through them. Tree percolators offer a lot of diffusion and filtration, but they can also create some drag or resistance when inhaling.
  • Matrix Percolators: Matrix percolators are percolators that have a grid-like pattern of slits or holes on a cylindrical or spherical chamber. The slits or holes create many small bubbles that interact with the smoke, cooling and filtering it. Matrix percolators offer a smooth and balanced hit, with minimal drag or splashback.
  • UFO Percolators: UFO percolators are percolators that have a disc-shaped chamber with slits or holes around its edge. The slits or holes create a ring of bubbles that surround the smoke, cooling and filtering it. UFO percolators offer a unique aesthetic and a smooth hit, but they can also be prone to clogging if not cleaned regularly.

How to Choose the Best Accessories and Percolators for Your Glass Bong?

Choosing the best accessories and percolators for your glass bong depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your personal preference: Ultimately, you should choose the accessories and percolators that suit your taste, style and needs. You may prefer a simple or complex setup, a colorful or clear design, a smooth or harsh hit, etc.
  • Your budget: Accessories and percolators can vary in price depending on their quality, functionality and brand. You should set a budget for yourself and look for options that fit within your range. You can also look for deals, discounts or bundles that offer more value for your money.
  • Your bong’s compatibility: Not all accessories and percolators are compatible with every glass bong. You should check your bong’s joint size, shape and gender before buying any accessory or percolator. You should also make sure that the accessory or percolator does not interfere with the function or stability of your bong.

Where to Buy Accessories and Percolators for Your Glass Bong?

There are many places where you can buy accessories and percolators for your glass bong, such as:

  • Online shops: Online shops are convenient and easy to use, as you can browse through a wide range of products, compare prices and features, read reviews and ratings, and order from the comfort of your home. Some of the best online shops for bong accessories and percolators are:
    • is a leading online retailer of bong accessories, offering bowls, downstems, ashcatchers and more. They have a variety of sizes, styles and brands to choose from, as well as free shipping on orders over $25.
    • VITAE Glass: VITAE Glass is a premium online shop for bong percolators, offering mini and dual versions of tree, matrix and UFO percolators. They have a modular design that allows you to mix and match different percolators for your glass bong, as well as a lifetime warranty on their products.
    • Molino Glass: Molino Glass is a reputable online shop for percolator bongs, offering high-quality glass bongs with built-in percolators. They have a range of designs and functions, such as dome, inline, honeycomb and showerhead percolators.
  • Local shops: Local shops are also a good option for buying accessories and percolators for your glass bong, as you can see and touch the products in person, ask questions and get advice from the staff, and support your local businesses. You can use online directories or maps to find local shops near you that sell bong accessories and percolators.


Customizing your glass bong with accessories and percolators can enhance your smoking experience by improving the functionality, appearance and durability of your bong. Accessories such as bowls, downstems and ashcatchers can help you personalize your bong’s style, color or theme, as well as improve its airflow, diffusion or cleanliness. Percolators such as tree, matrix and UFO percolators can help you filter the smoke more effectively, resulting in a smoother, cooler and cleaner hit. To choose the best accessories and percolators for your glass bong, you should consider your personal preference, budget and bong’s compatibility, as well as look for reputable online or local shops that offer quality products at reasonable prices.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about how to customize your glass bong with accessories and percolators. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy smoking!