How to Use a Bong: A Beginner’s Guide


A bong is a device that allows you to smoke dry herbs such as tobacco or other herbs in a way that filters and cools the smoke through water. Bongs are also known as water pipes, and they come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Bongs can provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, as well as reduce some of the harmful substances that are present in smoke. In this blog post, we will explain how to use a bong step by step, and give you some tips and tricks to make the most of your bong session.

What You Need to Use a Bong

To use a bong, you will need the following items:

  • A bong: You can buy one online or at a local headshop. There are many types of bongs, such as glass, ceramic, plastic, silicone, bamboo, etc. Some bongs have additional features, such as percolators, ice catchers, ash catchers, etc. that can enhance the filtration and cooling of the smoke. Choose a bong that suits your budget, preference and experience level.
  • Herbs: You can use any dry herb that you like to smoke, such as tobacco or other herbs. Make sure that your herbs are legal in your area and that you are of legal age to consume them.
  • A grinder: A grinder is a tool that helps you break up your herbs into small pieces that can burn evenly and efficiently in the bong. You can also use your fingers or scissors to chop up your herbs, but a grinder will give you a finer and more consistent grind.
  • Water: You will need water to fill up the bong and create the filtration system. You can use tap water, bottled water or filtered water. The temperature of the water is up to you. Some people prefer cold water, which can make the smoke more refreshing and less harsh on the throat. Others prefer warm water, which can make the smoke more humid and soothing on the lungs.
  • A lighter: You will need a lighter to ignite your herbs in the bong. You can use any lighter that you have, such as a disposable lighter, a torch lighter or a hemp wick. A hemp wick is a natural alternative to lighters that can reduce the amount of butane or other chemicals that you inhale from the flame.

How to Use a Bong: Step by Step Instructions

Once you have all the necessary items, you are ready to use your bong. Follow these steps to enjoy your bong session:

  1. Prepare your bong: Remove the bowl (the part where you put your herbs) from the downstem (the part that connects the bowl to the main chamber of the bong). Fill up the main chamber with water until it covers the bottom of the downstem by about an inch or two. You can also add some ice cubes to the water or to the ice catcher if your bong has one. This will make the smoke even cooler and smoother.
  2. Prepare your herbs: Use your grinder to grind up your herbs into small pieces that can fit into the bowl. Don’t grind them too fine or they might fall through the hole in the bowl or clog up the downstem. Fill up the bowl with your ground herbs and pack them lightly with your finger. Don’t pack them too tight or they might restrict the airflow and make it harder to draw smoke from the bong.
  3. Attach the bowl to the downstem: Place the bowl back into the downstem and make sure it fits snugly. If your bong has a carb hole (a small hole on the side of the main chamber), cover it with your thumb or finger.
  4. Light up and inhale: Hold the bong with one hand and place your mouth over the mouthpiece (the part where you inhale from). Make sure your lips are inside the mouthpiece and create an airtight seal. With your other hand, hold your lighter or hemp wick over the bowl and ignite your herbs while inhaling slowly and steadily from the mouthpiece. You will see the smoke travel from the bowl through the downstem and into the water, where it will bubble up and fill up the main chamber.
  5. Clear the chamber: When you have enough smoke in the main chamber (or when you feel like you can’t inhale anymore), remove your thumb or finger from the carb hole (if there is one) or pull out the bowl from the downstem (if there isn’t one). This will allow the air to flow through the bong and clear the smoke from the main chamber. Inhale the remaining smoke from the mouthpiece quickly and deeply into your lungs.
  6. Exhale and enjoy: Exhale the smoke from your lungs and enjoy the effects of your herbs. You can repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as you like until you finish the bowl or until you are satisfied with your session.
  7. Clean your bong: After you are done with your session, make sure to clean your bong and keep it in good condition. Dump out the water from the main chamber and rinse it with fresh water. Remove the bowl and the downstem and clean them with a pipe cleaner, a cotton swab or some rubbing alcohol. You can also use some specialized bong cleaners that are available online or at headshops. Dry your bong and its parts with a paper towel or a cloth and store them in a safe place until your next session.</li