What are some of the most popular and unique glass bong designs and themes in the market?

If you are a fan of smoking herbs or tobacco, you might be interested in exploring the world of glass bongs. Glass bongs are water pipes that are used to filter and cool the smoke before inhaling it. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs, and can offer different features and functions. Glass bongs are not only functional, but also artistic and aesthetic. They can express your personality, style and taste, as well as enhance your smoking experience. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the most popular and unique glass bong designs and themes in the market, and help you find the perfect one for you.

Classic Glass Bongs

Classic glass bongs are the simplest and most common type of glass bongs. They usually have a cylindrical shape with a round or flat base, a downstem, a bowl and a mouthpiece. They are easy to use, clean and maintain, and they provide a smooth and satisfying smoke. Classic glass bongs can be made of clear or colored glass, or have different patterns or decorations on them. Some examples of classic glass bongs are:

  • Small Glass Bong Burned: This is a small and simple glass bong with a burned design on the tube. It has a carb hole on the back side for better control of the smoke.
  • Color Changing Cannabis Bong: This is a medium-sized glass bong with a color changing effect. It has a cannabis leaf motif on the tube that changes color depending on the light. It also has an ice catcher for extra cooling.
  • DankStop 10″ Twist Water Pipe: This is a large and elegant glass bong with a twisted design on the tube. It has a flared mouthpiece for comfortable use and a removable downstem for easy cleaning.

Themed Glass Bongs

Themed glass bongs are glass bongs that have a specific theme or concept behind them. They are usually made by local glass artists in limited batches, and they feature a variety of themes such as food, nature, characters, animals, and more. Themed glass bongs are fun, creative and original, and they can make your smoking session more enjoyable and memorable. Some examples of themed glass bongs are:

  • Empire Glassworks Pineapple Paradise Bong: This is a tropical-themed glass bong that looks like a pineapple with a straw. It has a detailed design with vibrant colors and textures. It also has an inline perc for smooth filtration.
  • Empire Glassworks Portal Gun Themed Hand Pipe: This is a sci-fi-themed glass bong that looks like a portal gun from the video game Portal. It has a realistic design with intricate details and features. It also has a carb hole on the side for airflow control.
  • Empire Glassworks Dragon Ball Z Themed Glass Bowl: This is an anime-themed glass bong that looks like a dragon ball from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. It has a spherical shape with orange color and red stars. It also has a 14mm male joint that fits most standard glass bongs.

Designer Glass Bongs

Designer glass bongs are glass bongs that have a high-end design and quality. They are usually made by renowned glass artists or brands, and they feature innovative shapes, styles and functions. Designer glass bongs are stylish, sophisticated and luxurious, and they can offer an exceptional smoking experience. They are also more expensive than other types of glass bongs, but they are worth the investment if you appreciate fine craftsmanship and aesthetics. Some examples of designer glass bongs are:

  • Pure Beauty x Jochen Holz: This is a designer glass bong made by London-based glass artist Jochen Holz in collaboration with California-based cannabis brand Pure Beauty. It has a unique shape that resembles a glitchy creature, with organic and precise curves. It also has a silicone footer that protects the glass and hides the water.
  • Session Goods Bong: This is a designer glass bong made by Session Goods, a San Francisco-based design studio that focuses on creating modern smoking accessories. It has a sleek and tapered shape with a molded indent for an ergonomic grip. It also has an interchangeable silicone base and bowl that come in different colors.
  • Summerland Ceramic Bong: This is a designer ceramic bong made by Summerland, a Los Angeles-based brand that specializes in making ceramic smokeware. It has a minimalist and elegant shape with a smooth and glossy finish. It also has a high-grade silicone grommet that ensures a tight seal and easy cleaning.


Glass bongs are one of the most popular and versatile ways to smoke herbs or tobacco. They can offer different benefits such as cooling, filtering, enhancing and preserving the flavor and potency of the smoke. They can also come in various designs and themes that can suit your preferences and personality. Whether you are looking for a simple and classic glass bong, a fun and creative themed glass bong, or a stylish and sophisticated designer glass bong, you can find it in the market. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about some of the most popular and unique glass bong designs and themes in the market, and inspired you to find the perfect one for you.