My Bud Vase Water Pipe – Phoebe

My Bud Vase Water Pipe – Phoebe

If you are looking for a unique and discreet way to enjoy your favorite dry herbs, you might want to check out the My Bud Vase Water Pipe – Phoebe. This is a porcelain water pipe that doubles as a decorative vase, inspired by the TV series Friends and named after one of the female characters, Phoebe.

The Phoebe water pipe is 6 inches tall with a 3-inch wide base. It has a beautiful blue and white floral design with gold accents, giving it a vintage and elegant look. The water pipe comes with a decorative glass herb bowl and a removable downstem, which can be easily hidden by the included bouquet of flowers when not in use. The stem of the flowers also serves as a poker tool to clear the bowl when needed.

The Phoebe water pipe is not only a stunning piece of art, but also a functional smoking device that delivers smooth and flavorful hits of your favorite dry herbs. The porcelain material is durable and easy to clean, and the water filtration system cools down the smoke and filters out unwanted particles. The water pipe also has a carb hole on the back for airflow control.

The Phoebe water pipe is perfect for anyone who loves Friends, or who simply appreciates a beautiful and discreet water pipe that can blend in with any decor. You can use it as a vase to display flowers, or as a water pipe to enjoy a relaxing smoke session with your friends. Either way, you will love the quality and style of this unique water pipe.

You can find the My Bud Vase Water Pipe – Phoebe on Smoke Cartel, an online marketplace for smoking accessories. Smoke Cartel offers free shipping, price match guarantee, instant returns, expert product support, and customer rewards. You can also browse other products from My Bud Vase, such as the Monica, the Rachel, or the Aurora water pipes, which are also part of the Friends collection.

So what are you waiting for? Order your My Bud Vase Water Pipe – Phoebe today and enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful vase and a smooth water pipe.

Images source: Smoke Cartel