How to store and transport a glass bong without breaking it?

If you enjoy smoking herbs or tobacco from a glass bong, you probably know how delicate and fragile these devices can be. Glass bongs are not cheap, and breaking one can be a heartbreaking experience. That’s why it’s important to know how to store and transport your glass bong properly, so you can avoid any accidents and enjoy your smoking sessions for a long time.

In this blog post, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to store and transport a glass bong without breaking it. We will cover the best materials, containers, and locations for keeping your bong safe and secure. We will also tell you what to avoid and what to do in case of an emergency. Let’s get started!

How to store a glass bong?

Storing your glass bong is not as simple as leaving it on the table or the shelf. There are many factors that can affect the quality and durability of your bong, such as light, air, temperature, humidity, and odor. Here are some guidelines on how to store your glass bong correctly:

  • Don’t store your bong out in the open. Exposure to light can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes in your herbs or tobacco, making them less potent and flavorful. Air can also oxidize your bong and make it dirty and sticky. Plus, leaving your bong out in the open can attract dust, bacteria, insects, and curious pets or children. Instead, find a dark, cool, and out-of-the-way location where you can store your bong safely.
  • Don’t store your bong with herbs or tobacco inside. If you have some leftover material in your bowl, don’t be lazy and empty it before storing your bong. Leaving herbs or tobacco in your bowl can make your bong smell bad and attract mold and pests. It can also make your material stale and lose its quality. Instead, store any leftover herbs or tobacco in a small airtight container and keep it separate from fresh material.
  • Clean your bong before storing it. This is probably the most important step for storing your glass bong properly. Cleaning your bong after every use will prevent resin buildup, bad odors, bacteria growth, and clogging. It will also make your bong look shiny and new, and improve your smoking experience. To clean your bong, you will need some rubbing alcohol, coarse salt, hot water, cotton swabs, and paper towels. Here’s how to do it:
    1. Remove any attachments from your bong, such as the bowl, the downstem, the mouthpiece, etc.
    2. Pour some rubbing alcohol and coarse salt into the main chamber of your bong. The alcohol will dissolve the resin and the salt will act as an abrasive.
    3. Cover the openings of your bong with paper towels or plastic wrap and shake it vigorously for a few minutes.
    4. Rinse your bong with hot water until all the alcohol, salt, and resin are gone.
    5. Repeat the same process for each attachment of your bong.
    6. Use cotton swabs to clean any hard-to-reach spots or stubborn stains.
    7. Dry your bong thoroughly with paper towels or let it air dry.

How to transport a glass bong?

Transporting your glass bong can be tricky, especially if you’re traveling by car, plane, bus, or train. You don’t want to risk breaking your precious piece or getting into trouble with the authorities. Here are some tips on how to transport your glass bong safely:

  • Use a storage bag or case. The best way to transport your glass bong is to use a storage bag or case that is designed specifically for this purpose. These bags or cases are usually padded, waterproof, smell-proof, lockable, and discreet. They can protect your glass bong from shocks, spills, smells, and prying eyes. You can find many options online or at local head shops.
  • Wrap your glass bong securely. If you don’t have a storage bag or case for your glass bong, you can still wrap it securely with bubble wrap, newspaper, towels, or clothes. Make sure you cover every inch of your glass piece and tape it well. Then place it in a sturdy box or backpack that has enough room for some cushioning material around it.
  • Clean your glass bong before transporting it. Just like when storing your glass bong, you should also clean it before transporting it. This will prevent any smells, leaks, or residues from attracting unwanted attention or causing damage to your bong. Follow the same steps as above for cleaning your bong.
  • Be discreet and respectful. When transporting your glass bong, you should always be discreet and respectful of the laws and regulations of your destination. Don’t flaunt your bong in public or use it in places where it is prohibited or frowned upon. If you’re traveling by plane, check the TSA guidelines and the local laws of your destination before packing your bong. If you’re traveling by car, keep your bong out of sight and reach, and don’t use it while driving.


Storing and transporting your glass bong without breaking it is not hard if you follow some simple rules and precautions. By keeping your bong clean, secure, and discreet, you can enjoy it for a long time and avoid any hassles or headaches. Remember to always use your glass bong responsibly and respectfully, and have fun!