What are some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs in history and culture?

Glass bongs are one of the most popular and widely used devices for smoking herb or tobacco. They are designed to filter and cool the smoke by passing it through water, creating a smooth and satisfying experience. Glass bongs come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles, and some of them have become famous and iconic in history and culture. In this blog post, we will review some of the most famous glass bongs that have made a mark in the smoking world.

Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass is a top bong brand that provides high quality, precision cut glass with diamond clarity. Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass uses American manufacturing and American glassblowers to create exquisite water pipes and dab rigs. Diamond Glass is always creating new and innovative bongs that one up any other brand with a goal of being the most reliable brand of bongs in the world. Every bong is crafted with thick, crystal clear glass with the easily recognizable “Diamond” logo and a guarantee in long lasting high quality. For example, check out this Diamond Glass 15 Inch Straight Tube Bong that features a classic design with a removable downstem, ice catcher and splash guard.

Maverick Glass

Maverick Glass is another top bong brand that has been on the scene for over 18 years. Maverick Glass is a pioneer in the glass industry, blowing functional and beautiful glass. Maverick Glass focuses on creating the best bongs with impeccable functionality. Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, the beaker bongs and rigs are made with 100% American glass to show off their quality when it comes to their pieces. Maverick Glass likes to be on both sides of creativity and performance, which isn’t always easy to find. Maverick bongs like the Maverick Glass Inline to 9-arm Water Pipe, combine innovation and craftsmanship with every piece being carefully made to fully satisfy the smoker. This is the best bong that features both innovation and aesthetic.

Bougie Glass

Bougie Glass is a bong brand that offers high quality glassware at affordable prices. Most of the products by Bougie won’t break the bank, coming in at under $100, but don’t get it twisted, the glass and functionality still competes with the best of them. Bongs like the Bougie Showerhead Dab Rig provide bongs with quality percs and thick borosilicate glass. Every bong is carefully made and every inch of the bong, bowl included, only helps get you the most bang for your buck.

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is a bong brand that is known for their artistic and colorful creations. Located in Placentia, California, Empire Glassworks has decades of experience creating beautiful, hand crafted glass. Not only does Empire have amazing bongs like the Empire Glassworks Under the Sea Oil Rig pictured below, they also construct glass accessories that perfectly match any set up. This is the best bong for the sea lovers due to its wide array of bright colors and creatures.

Famous Glass

Famous Glass is a bong brand that combines timeless water pipe designs with trendy eye catching patterns. Featuring vibrant patterns, and bold graphics, Famous Glass is a line of bongs and rigs by Famous Brandz, a company that has signed exclusive deals with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, Guns N Roses and more. Meet the Famous Glass Space Bong, for the minimalist – a clear pipe with white geometric pattern. Unique, timeless, and elegant this piece is a must have.


Glass bongs are more than just smoking devices, they are also pieces of art and culture. Some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs in history and culture are made by brands like Diamond Glass, Maverick Glass, Bougie Glass, Empire Glassworks and Famous Glass. These brands offer high quality, innovative, and beautiful glass bongs that will enhance your smoking experience and impress your friends. If you are looking for the best glass bongs for the best prices, check out these brands and their products online or at your local smoke shop.