M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc

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If you are looking for a high-quality bong that delivers smooth and flavorful hits, you might want to check out the M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc. This bong is made by M&M Tech, a company that specializes in producing premium glass products using Schott borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and clarity. M&M Tech is based in the USA and has been making glass pipes and bongs since 2002.

The M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc is a simple and elegant design that features a straight tube shape, a flared mouthpiece, a wide round base, and a removable downstem and bowl. The straight tube shape allows the smoke to travel up the neck with minimal drag and maximum cooling. The flared mouthpiece provides a comfortable seal around your lips and prevents any splashback. The wide round base ensures stability and balance on any flat surface. The removable downstem and bowl make it easy to clean and replace if needed.

But what makes this bong stand out is the chandelier percolator that is located inside the clear glass chamber. The chandelier percolator is a unique and intricate design that consists of multiple tubes that branch out from a central stem. Each tube has several slits that create tiny bubbles as the smoke passes through them. The bubbles increase the surface area of the smoke, which means more filtration and diffusion. The result is a smoother, cooler, and cleaner smoke that preserves the flavor and potency of your herb.

Another feature that enhances the smoking experience is the ice catcher that is built into the neck of the bong. The ice catcher allows you to add ice cubes to the bong, which further cools down the smoke as it passes over them. This makes the hits even more refreshing and enjoyable, especially on hot days or when you have a sore throat.

The M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc is available in several fantastic colors, such as black, blue, green, orange, pink, rasta, red, teal, USA, and yellow. You can choose the color that suits your personality and style best. The bong also features the M&M Tech logo on the front of the chamber, which adds a touch of class and authenticity.

The M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc is a great choice for anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship, smooth performance, and elegant aesthetics. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers who want to enjoy their herb in style. It is also a great gift idea for your friends or loved ones who are into smoking.

If you are interested in buying this bong, you can find it online at Smoke Cartel, one of the leading online retailers of smoking accessories. Smoke Cartel offers free shipping, price match guarantee, instant returns, and excellent customer service. You can also browse their website for more products from M&M Tech or other brands that they carry.

Here are some of the highlights and specifications of the M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc:

  • Brand: M&M Tech
  • Item Type: Water Pipe
  • Style: Straight Tube
  • Percolator: Chandelier Percolator
  • Material: Schott Borosilicate Glass
  • Size: 14mm
  • Gender: Female
  • Downstem: Removable 18.8mm>14.5mm Downstem
  • Bowl: Includes 14.5mm Male Flower Bowl
  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Joint Angle: 45 Degrees
  • Weight: 0.75lbs
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Ice Catcher
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Wide Round Base
  • M&M Tech Logo

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about the M&M Tech Straight Tube Bong with Chandelier Perc. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy smoking!

Source of the images: Smoke Cartel