K. Haring Dab Rig: A Pop-Art Masterpiece for Your Concentrates

If you are a fan of pop-art and dabbing, you will love the K. Haring Dab Rig. This is a premium glass rig that features the iconic artwork of Keith Haring, a legendary artist who influenced the culture and politics of the 1980s with his bold and colorful style. The K. Haring Dab Rig is an officially licensed product that combines artistry and functionality in a stunning way.

The K. Haring Dab Rig is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. The rig has a turbine percolator in the base that creates a swirling cyclone of water for smooth and cool hits. The rig also has a built-in splash guard that prevents water from reaching the mouthpiece, and a 90-degree downstem that connects to a quartz banger nail. The nail has a wide bucket that can accommodate large amounts of concentrates, and a flared edge that ensures a tight seal with the rig. The rig also comes with a UFO-style directional carb cap that allows you to control the airflow and vapor production.

But what makes the K. Haring Dab Rig truly stand out is the hand-applied, heat-resistant designs that adorn the glass. The rig features four different designs by Keith Haring, each one representing his signature style and message. You can choose from the following options:

  • The blue rig with the “Radiant Baby” design, which symbolizes life, energy, and optimism.
  • The yellow rig with the “Barking Dog” design, which represents resistance, activism, and social justice.
  • The pink rig with the “Dancing Man” design, which celebrates joy, freedom, and movement.
  • The black rig with the “Three-Eyed Face” design, which expresses awareness, vision, and creativity.

The K. Haring Dab Rig also has Keith Haring’s signature on the glass, as well as on the box. The box is designed to look like a book, with thick walls and foam inserts that provide safe and secure storage for the rig. The box also features Haring’s artwork and biography, making it a collector’s item for any fan of his work.

The K. Haring Dab Rig is more than just a dabbing device; it is a piece of art that pays tribute to one of the most influential artists of our time. If you want to enjoy your concentrates in style and make a statement with your rig, you should definitely check out the K. Haring Dab Rig.

Source of images: smokea.com