How to customize a glass bong with accessories and percolators?


A glass bong is a device that allows you to smoke herb or tobacco through water filtration, which cools and smooths the smoke. However, not all glass bongs are created equal. Some have more features and functions than others, such as accessories and percolators. In this blog post, we will explain what these are and how they can enhance your smoking experience.

What are bong accessories?

Bong accessories are additional parts that you can attach to your glass bong to customize it according to your preferences. Some of the most common bong accessories are:

  • Downstems

    : A downstem is a tube that connects the bowl (where you pack your herb or tobacco) to the water chamber of the bong. Downstems can be removable or fixed, and they come in different sizes, lengths and materials. Some downstems have slits or holes at the bottom to create more bubbles and diffusion.

  • Bowls

    : A bowl is the part of the bong where you place your herb or tobacco. Bowls can be made of glass, metal, ceramic or silicone, and they vary in shape, size and design. Some bowls have built-in screens to prevent ash from falling into the water, while others have handles or knobs for easy removal.

  • Ash catchers

    : An ash catcher is an accessory that attaches to the joint of the bong, between the downstem and the bowl. It acts as a secondary water chamber that catches ash and debris before they reach the main water chamber of the bong. This helps keep your bong cleaner and your smoke purer.

  • Carb caps

    : A carb cap is a device that covers the top of a nail or banger (where you heat your concentrates) on a dab rig (a type of bong used for vaporizing concentrates). A carb cap creates a seal that restricts airflow and lowers the pressure inside the nail or banger, allowing you to vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures for more flavor and efficiency.

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What are percolators?

Percolators are filters that are built into or added to glass bongs to create more water diffusion and filtration. Percolators work by breaking up the smoke into smaller bubbles, which increases the surface area of the smoke that comes in contact with the water. This cools down the smoke further and removes more impurities and toxins, resulting in a smoother and cleaner hit.

There are many types of percolators, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Tree percolators

    : Tree percolators have multiple arms (usually 4 to 12) that branch out from a central tube. Each arm has slits or holes at the end that create bubbles. Tree percolators provide good diffusion and filtration, but they can be fragile and hard to clean.

  • Matrix percolators

    : Matrix percolators have a cylindrical shape with multiple slits or holes on both sides. They create a lot of bubbles that fill up the chamber with smoke. Matrix percolators offer excellent diffusion and filtration, but they can also cause some drag (resistance when inhaling).

  • UFO percolators

    : UFO percolators have a disc-shaped design with slits or holes around the edge. They create a ring of bubbles that rise up through the water. UFO percolators provide moderate diffusion and filtration, but they can also splash water into your mouth if you pull too hard.

  • Stereo percolators

    : Stereo percolators have a matrix-style grid pattern of slits that go all the way around the perc. They allow for 360-degree water diffusion and filtration, creating a smooth and flavorful smoke.

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How to customize a glass bong with accessories and percolators?

Customizing a glass bong with accessories and percolators is not difficult, but it does require some knowledge and planning. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Choose a base bong

    : The first thing you need to do is choose a base bong that suits your needs and preferences. You can opt for a simple beaker or straight tube bong, or a more complex design with multiple chambers and features. The main things to consider are the size, shape, material, quality and price of the bong.

  2. Check the joint size and gender

    : The next thing you need to do is check the joint size and gender of your base bong. The joint is the part of the bong where you attach the downstem, bowl, ash catcher or other accessories. The joint size is measured in millimeters (mm) and can range from 10mm to 29mm, but the most common sizes are 14mm and 18mm. The joint gender is either male or female, depending on whether it has an opening (female) or a protrusion (male). You need to make sure that the accessories and percolators you choose are compatible with the joint size and gender of your base bong.

  3. Pick your accessories and percolators

    : The final step is to pick your accessories and percolators that you want to add to your base bong. You can choose from a variety of options, depending on your desired function and style. For example, you can add a tree perc for more diffusion, a matrix perc for more filtration, an ash catcher for more cleanliness, a carb cap for more flavor, etc. You can also mix and match different accessories and percolators to create your own unique combination.

And that’s how you customize a glass bong with accessories and percolators. By following these steps, you can create your own personalized smoking device that will enhance your smoking experience. Happy smoking!