Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong

Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your parties and have some extreme fun, you might want to check out the Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong. This is not your ordinary beer bong, this is a 6-foot long monster that can hold up to 4 beers at once. Whether you’re playing drinking games, celebrating a special occasion, or just feeling adventurous, this beer bong will give you the ultimate head rush.

The Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong features a chrome-plated funnel that has a sleek and shiny design. The funnel can hold up to 40 ounces of your favorite beverage, and it has a removable cap that makes it easy to fill and clean. The funnel is attached to a 6-foot long food-grade plastic hose that has a diameter of 1 inch. The hose is flexible and durable, and it has a push-button valve that lets you control the flow of the drink. The valve is also chrome-plated and has a rubber seal that prevents leaks and spills.

The Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong is perfect for parties, tailgates, festivals, or any occasion where you want to have some fun and challenge yourself. You can use it solo or with a friend, and see who can finish the beer bong faster. You can also mix and match different drinks, such as beer, soda, juice, or even liquor, and create your own custom concoctions. The possibilities are endless with this beer bong.

The Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong is easy to use and maintain. To use it, simply fill the funnel with your drink of choice, hold the hose above your head, open the valve, and chug away. To clean it, rinse the funnel and hose with warm water and soap, and let them air dry. You can also detach the hose from the funnel for easier cleaning and storage.

The Head Rush Chrome Series Xtreme Beer Bong is a great addition to any party arsenal. It’s fun, exciting, and guaranteed to give you a head rush like no other. If you’re ready to take your drinking to the next level, order yours today from Smoke Cartel and enjoy free shipping and hassle-free returns.

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