XMAX QOMO Portable Electric Dab Rig: A Review

If you are looking for a compact, portable and affordable device to vape your concentrates and waxes, you might want to check out the XMAX QOMO Portable Electric Dab Rig. This micro e-rig is one of the smallest and simplest on the market, but it still delivers smooth, tasty and potent vapor. In this article, we will review the features, pros and cons of the XMAX QOMO and see how it compares to other similar devices.

Features of the XMAX QOMO

The XMAX QOMO has a sleek and elegant design that consists of five main parts: a glass bubbler, a ceramic cup coil atomizer, a splash guard, a carb cap with a built-in dab tool and a battery base. The device is easy to assemble and use, as it only has one button that controls everything. Here are some of the main features of the XMAX QOMO:

  • Battery:

    The device has a 1350 mAh battery that can last for 10 to 15 sessions on a full charge. It can be recharged with a USB-C cable in about an hour or two. The battery has three preset temperature settings that can be changed by clicking the button twice. The LED lights on the glass bubbler indicate the selected temperature: white for 280°C (536°F), green for 320°C (608°F) and red for 350°C (662°F). The device also has a preheat function that can be activated by clicking the button once. The device heats up in only 10 seconds and offers a 20-second session time, which can be extended for another 20 seconds by clicking the button once.

  • Atomizer:

    The device uses a ceramic cup coil atomizer that melts your concentrates and waxes at the chosen temperature. The atomizer is easy to load with the carb cap that has a built-in dab tool. The atomizer can be removed and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

  • Glass bubbler:

    The device comes with a cone-shaped glass bubbler that fits snugly into the battery base. The glass bubbler filters and cools down the vapor, making it smoother and more flavorful. The glass bubbler can be filled with water by removing the splash guard and pouring water through the hole. The glass bubbler can be cleaned with warm water and soap.

Pros and Cons of the XMAX QOMO

As with any device, the XMAX QOMO has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  • Pros:

    • The device is very compact, portable and easy to use. It can fit in your pocket or bag and be ready to use in seconds.
    • The device is very affordable compared to other e-rigs. It costs around $54 to $89 depending on where you buy it.
    • The device produces smooth, tasty and potent vapor with different temperature settings. It works well with various types of concentrates and waxes.
    • The device comes with everything you need to get started, including a USB-C cable, an extra O-ring, a user manual and a gift box.

  • Cons:

    • The device requires more maintenance than other e-rigs. It needs to be cleaned after every session to prevent clogging and leaking. Overfilling the atomizer can damage the battery.
    • The battery could be stronger and last longer. It drains quickly after several sessions and overheats if used too much.
    • The device has limited temperature options and session time. Some users might prefer more customization and control over their vaping experience.

Comparison with Other E-Rigs

The XMAX QOMO is one of the many e-rigs available on the market today. How does it compare to other similar devices? Here are some examples:

  • XVape Vista Mini 2:

    This is another compact and portable e-rig that costs around $159. It has four temperature settings, wireless charging, an LED light show and a detachable glass bubbler. It also heats up in 10 seconds and offers a 20-second session time. Compared to the XMAX QOMO, it has more features and options, but it is also more expensive and larger.

  • Puffco Peak:

    This is one of the most popular and advanced e-rigs on the market. It costs around $299 and has four temperature settings, haptic feedback, a smart bowl that adjusts the heat automatically and a hand-blown glass attachment. It heats up in 20 seconds and offers a 30-second session time. Compared to the XMAX QOMO, it has more quality and performance, but it is also more expensive and less portable.

  • High Five Duo:

    This is another high-end e-rig that costs around $299. It has six temperature settings, haptic feedback, an OLED screen, a magnetic carb cap holder and a removable glass bubbler. It heats up in 15 seconds and offers a 60-second session time. Compared to the XMAX QOMO, it has more power and versatility, but it is also more expensive and less compact.


The XMAX QOMO Portable Electric Dab Rig is a great device for anyone who wants a simple, affordable and portable way to vape their concentrates and waxes. It offers smooth, tasty and potent vapor with different temperature settings and features a glass bubbler and ceramic cup coil for optimal performance. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as requiring more maintenance than other e-rigs, having a weak battery life and offering limited customization options. Overall, it is a good choice for beginners or occasional users who want to try out e-rigs without breaking the bank.

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