IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat Review

<br /> IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat Review<br />

If you are a fan of Indiana Jones and dabbing, you might want to check out the IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat by DabPadz. This mat is a fun and functional accessory that will protect your glass pieces and your concentrates from the floor, while also adding some style and humor to your dabbing session.

The IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat is made of durable 0.25 inch shock absorbent rubber that sticks to any surface and prevents your glass from sliding or tipping over. The fabric top features a screen printed design of IndyDabba Jones, a parody of Indiana Jones holding a dab rig instead of a whip. The design is colorful and detailed, and it will surely catch the attention of your friends and fellow dabbers.

The mat comes in four different sizes: 5 inch, 8 inch, 8 by 6 inch, and 10 by 16 inch. You can choose the size that best suits your needs and preferences. The larger sizes can accommodate bigger rigs and more accessories, while the smaller sizes are more portable and discreet. The mat is also easy to clean and maintain, as you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with mild soap and water.

The IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat is not only a practical accessory, but also a fun way to express your personality and love for dabbing and adventure. It will make your dabbing experience more enjoyable and comfortable, while also protecting your glass pieces and your concentrates from damage. Whether you use it at home or on the go, this mat will make you feel like a dabbing hero.

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The IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat is a great gift idea for yourself or for someone who loves dabbing and Indiana Jones. It is a unique and affordable accessory that will enhance your dabbing experience and make you smile. So grab your dab rig, your concentrates, and your IndyDabba Jones Dab Mat, and get ready for some epic dabs!

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