How to Make a Bong Without Foil


If you enjoy smoking herbs or tobacco, you may want to try making your own bong at home. A bong is a device that filters the smoke through water, making it smoother and cooler. However, buying a bong can be expensive, and sometimes you may not have the materials or the time to go to a head shop. Fortunately, you can make your own bong using some cheap and easy supplies, without using foil.

Foil is often used to make the bowl of a homemade bong, but it can be harmful to your health. Foil can release toxic chemicals when heated, which can damage your lungs and cause other health problems. Therefore, it is better to avoid using foil and use other alternatives instead. In this article, we will show you how to make a bong without foil using two different methods: a plastic bottle bong and a gravity bong.

Plastic Bottle Bong

A plastic bottle bong is one of the simplest and most common ways to make a homemade bong. All you need is a plastic bottle, some water, a pen or a highlighter, and something to use as a bowl. Here are the steps to make a plastic bottle bong:

  1. Fill up a plastic bottle ¼ of the way with water. Any kind of plastic bottle will work, but keep in mind that the larger the bottle is, the bigger the bong hits will be. Don’t worry if you don’t have the cap to the bottle—you won’t need it! The water you’re putting in the bottle is what the smoke will filter through when you’re smoking the bong.
  2. Poke a hole just below the neck of the water bottle to make the carb. The carb is the hole you’ll cover with your finger at first and then let go of so you can inhale the smoke in the bottle. Make the hole large enough for air to easily flow through it, but not so big that you won’t be able to cover it with your finger. You can use any sharp tool to make the hole, like a pen, a knife, or a straightened out paperclip. Be careful that you don’t cut yourself or make the hole too big.
  3. Make a second hole slightly above the waterline for the downstem. You’ll put the downstem—the tube with the bowl attached to it—through this hole at an angle so the end inside of the bottle is submerged in the water. Make this hole with the same tool you used to make the first one. Make the hole about the same width as a pen. If it’s any smaller, you may have a hard time pushing the downstem through, and if it’s any larger, the downstem may be too loose.
  4. Use a highlighter and something else to fashion a downstem for the bong. To make the downstem, empty the contents of a highlighter so you’re left with just the hollow plastic tube. You may need to use scissors or pliers to pull the highlighter apart. Then, find something else that you can use as a bowl, such as a socket for a socket wrench, a thimble, or another circular piece of metal that you can use to hold your smoking substance. Attach it to the wide end of the plastic tube using tape or glue.
  5. Push the open end of the downstem through the bottom hole you made. Angle the downstem downward so the open end inside of the bottle is submerged in the water. When you’re finished inserting the downstem, the bowl should be angled upward on the outside of the bottle. If you’re having trouble fitting the downstem through the hole, make
    the hole a little bigger and try again. Be careful not to make
    the hole too big or
    the downstem will be too loose.
  6. Pack
    the bowl and try out your new bong.
    To use your plastic bottle bong,
    start by covering
    the carb—the hole
    you made at
    the top of
    the bottle—with your finger.
    your herb or tobacco in
    the bowl and inhale from
    the mouth of
    the bottle.
    you see
    the bottle filling up with smoke,
    let go of
    the carb and inhale
    the smoke into your lungs.

Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is another way to make a homemade bong without foil. A gravity bong uses water and air pressure to create suction that pulls
the smoke into
a large container.
you inhale
the smoke from
the container in one big hit.
To make a gravity bong,
you need two plastic bottles of different sizes,
some water,
a bowl,
and a bucket or a sink.
Here are
the steps to make a gravity bong:

  1. Cut off
    the bottom of
    the larger bottle and
    the top of
    the smaller bottle.
    You can use any kind of plastic bottles,
    but make sure
    the smaller one can fit inside
    the larger one.
    The larger bottle will be
    the container for
    the smoke and
    the smaller one will be
    the mouthpiece.
  2. Fill up
    the bucket or
    the sink with water.
    You need enough water to submerge
    the larger bottle completely.
  3. Make a bowl for
    the smaller bottle.
    You can use
    the same materials as
    you did for
    the plastic bottle bong,
    such as a socket,
    a thimble,
    or another metal piece.
    Attach it to
    the cap of
    the smaller bottle using tape or glue.
  4. Submerge
    the larger bottle in
    the water and screw
    the smaller bottle with
    the bowl on top of it.
    Make sure there is no air gap between
    the two bottles.
  5. Pack
    the bowl and light it.
    As you light it,
    slowly lift up
    the smaller bottle from
    the larger one.
    This will create suction that will pull
    the smoke into
    the larger bottle.
    Don’t lift it too high or it will come out of the water and you’ll lose the smoke.
  6. Unscrew the cap and put your mouth over the opening of the smaller bottle. Push the smaller bottle down into the water as you inhale the smoke from the larger bottle. Be careful not to inhale too fast or too much, as the smoke can be very harsh and potent. Enjoy!


Making a bong without foil is easy and cheap, and it can give you a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. You can use a plastic bottle bong or a gravity bong, depending on your preference and availability of materials. However, remember that homemade bongs are not very durable or hygienic, and they may still pose some health risks. Therefore, it is better to use them occasionally and not as a regular habit. If you want to enjoy smoking herbs or tobacco safely and comfortably, you may want to invest in a quality bong from a reputable source.