How to find out if a glass bong is authentic or counterfeit by checking its features and markings?

Glass bongs are popular devices for smoking herbs or tobacco, but not all of them are created equal. Some glass bongs are authentic, meaning they are made by reputable brands with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Others are counterfeit, meaning they are cheap imitations that try to pass off as the real thing.

Counterfeit glass bongs can be dangerous, as they may contain harmful chemicals, break easily, or malfunction. They can also be a waste of money, as they do not deliver the same performance or durability as authentic glass bongs. Therefore, it is important to know how to find out if a glass bong is authentic or counterfeit by checking its features and markings.

Here are some tips to help you spot the fakes and avoid getting ripped off.

Check the brand name and logo

One of the most obvious signs of a counterfeit glass bong is the brand name and logo. Many counterfeiters try to copy the names and logos of well-known brands, such as ROOR, Illadelph, or Grav Labs. However, they often make mistakes in spelling, font, color, or placement.

For example, a fake ROOR bong may have the name spelled as “ROAR”, “ROER”, or “R00R”. The font may be different from the original, or the letters may be uneven or crooked. The color may be faded, blurry, or mismatched. The placement may be too high or too low on the bong, or not centered.

To avoid falling for these tricks, you should familiarize yourself with the brand name and logo of the glass bong you want to buy. You can visit their official website, social media pages, or online reviews to see how their name and logo look like. You can also compare the name and logo on the bong with the ones on the packaging, receipt, or certificate of authenticity.

Check the signature

Another feature that can help you identify an authentic glass bong is the signature of the artist or maker. Many reputable brands have their artists sign their work with a unique signature that includes their name and a date. This signature is usually engraved on the glass with a diamond-tipped pen or a laser.

A counterfeit glass bong may not have a signature at all, or it may have a fake one that does not match the original. The signature may be printed on a sticker, painted on with a marker, or etched with a cheap tool. The signature may also be in the wrong location, size, or style.

For example, a fake ROOR bong may have a signature that is too big or too small for the bong. The signature should not be hugging the joint or located above the neck of the bong. Also, pay attention to the dots. There should only be two dots on the signature. If there are more or less than that, then it is probably a fake.

To verify the signature of an authentic glass bong, you should look for it on the lower part of the tube near the base. You should also check if it matches the name and date of the artist on their website or social media pages. You can also contact them directly and ask for confirmation.

Check the logo

The logo is another important feature to look at when buying a glass bong. The logo is usually a symbol or an image that represents the brand or the style of the bong. It can be made of glass, metal, plastic, or other materials. It can be attached to the bong with glue, screws, magnets, or other methods.

A counterfeit glass bong may have a logo that is different from the original in shape, size, color, material, or quality. The logo may be missing some details, such as letters, numbers, or symbols. The logo may also be poorly attached to the bong, leaving gaps, cracks, or glue residue.

For example, a fake Illadelph bong may have a logo that is too big or too small for the bong. The logo should be about 3 inches in diameter and fit snugly on the tube. The logo should also have three parts: an outer ring with “Illadelph” written on it; an inner ring with “Philadelphia” written on it; and a center piece with an image of Independence Hall.

To check if the logo of a glass bong is authentic, you should compare it with the ones on their website or social media pages. You should also inspect it closely and look for any signs of damage, wear, or tampering. You can also try to remove it gently and see if it comes off easily or leaves any marks.

Check the glass quality

The glass quality is one of the most important aspects of a glass bong, as it affects its durability, performance, and appearance. Authentic glass bongs are made of high-quality glass that is thick, clear, smooth, and strong. They are also hand-blown or machine-made with precision and care.

Counterfeit glass bongs are made of low-quality glass that is thin, cloudy, rough, or brittle. They are also mass-produced or poorly-made with little attention to detail. They may have bubbles, scratches, cracks, or other defects that compromise their functionality and aesthetics.

For example, a fake Grav Labs bong may have glass that is too thin or too thick for the bong. The glass should be about 5 mm thick and evenly distributed throughout the bong. The glass should also be clear and transparent, without any discoloration or impurities.

To test the glass quality of a glass bong, you should hold it up to the light and look for any flaws or inconsistencies. You should also tap it gently and listen for the sound. A high-quality glass bong should make a clear and crisp sound, while a low-quality glass bong should make a dull and muffled sound.


Glass bongs are great devices for smoking herbs or tobacco, but they can also be expensive and hard to find. Therefore, you should be careful when buying one and make sure it is authentic and not counterfeit. By checking its features and markings, such as the brand name, logo, signature, and glass quality, you can avoid getting scammed and enjoy your smoking experience.