How to Hide or Disguise a Glass Bong from Unwanted Attention or Detection

A glass bong is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb or tobacco, but it can also be a source of trouble if you don’t want others to know about it. Whether you live with your parents, siblings, relatives, roommates, or anyone who is not a fan of smoking, you might need to find a clever way to conceal your bong and avoid any awkward situations. Luckily, there are many ways to stash your glass piece and keep it out of sight and out of mind. Here are some of the best methods to hide or disguise a glass bong from unwanted attention or detection.

1. Use Old Boxes

One of the easiest and most effective ways to hide a glass bong is to use an old box that is big enough to fit your piece. You can use any kind of box, such as a shoebox, a board game box, a video game console box, or even a cereal box. Just make sure the box is not transparent and does not have any holes or gaps that could reveal the contents. You can also add some padding or wrapping material inside the box to protect your bong from breaking and to reduce the smell. Then, you can store the box in a place where it blends in naturally with its surroundings, such as a closet, a shelf, a drawer, or under the bed. No one will suspect that there is a bong inside an old box that looks like it belongs there.

2. Use a Backpack or a Duffle Bag

Another simple and convenient way to hide a glass bong is to use a backpack or a duffle bag that you don’t use often. You can place your bong inside the bag and then fill it with some old clothes, books, or other items that will act as camouflage and cushioning. You can also spray some air freshener or perfume inside the bag to mask the odor. Then, you can hang the bag in a corner of your closet, under some coats or jackets, or behind some furniture. A backpack or a duffle bag is not likely to draw much attention, especially if it looks like it has been there for a while.

3. Use an Instrument Case

If you are musically inclined and have an instrument case lying around, you can use it as a perfect hiding spot for your glass bong. An instrument case is usually sturdy, spacious, and discreet, and it can easily fit most bongs. You can use a guitar case, a trumpet case, a saxophone case, or any other case that suits your bong size and shape. You can also line the case with some fabric or foam to prevent your bong from rattling or breaking. Then, you can store the case in your room, in your car trunk, or in your basement. No one will think twice about seeing an instrument case in your possession.

4. Use a Suitcase or Luggage

A suitcase or luggage is another great option for hiding a glass bong when you are not traveling. A suitcase or luggage is usually large enough to accommodate your bong and also has zippers and locks that can keep it secure. You can also wrap your bong in some clothes or towels and place it inside the suitcase or luggage to protect it from damage and smell. Then, you can put the suitcase or luggage in a place where it won’t be disturbed, such as under the bed, over the cabinet, or in the attic. A suitcase or luggage is not something that people would normally open or inspect unless they are looking for something specific.

5. Use Someone Else’s House

If none of the above methods work for you, or if you want to be extra safe, you can always hide your glass bong at someone else’s house. This could be a friend’s house, a relative’s house, or even an Airbnb rental. Of course, this method requires that you have someone who is willing to let you store your bong at their place and who is trustworthy enough not to use it without your permission or tell anyone about it. You should also make sure that their house is not prone to raids, inspections, or burglaries that could expose your bong. If you choose this method, you should also be prepared to transport your bong safely and discreetly whenever you want to use it.


Hiding or disguising a glass bong from unwanted attention or detection can be challenging but not impossible. With some creativity and common sense, you can find many ways to stash your piece and enjoy your smoking sessions without any worries. Just remember to always be careful and respectful of others when you smoke, and to clean and maintain your bong regularly to keep it in good condition. Happy smoking!