How to Use a Glass Bong Without Making Too Much Noise or Smell

If you enjoy smoking herb or tobacco from a glass bong, you may have encountered some challenges when it comes to being discreet. Bongs can produce loud bubbling sounds and strong odors that might bother others or attract unwanted attention. Fortunately, there are some ways to minimize these issues and enjoy your bong session without causing a disturbance. Here are some tips on how to use a glass bong without making too much noise or smell.

What is a glass bong and how does it work?

A glass bong is a water pipe that uses water to cool and filter the smoke, producing a smooth, clean-tasting, and potentially healthier smoking experience. The physics behind a bong are fairly simple: smoke is pulled through a chamber filled with water, and as the smoke bubbles up through the liquid, the water cools down the temperature of the smoke and pulls out fine particulate matter such as tar and ash.

A glass bong usually consists of one primary vessel that is air- and water-tight, along with a bowl and stem, and some sort of mouthpiece. Most bongs have a hole somewhere above the water level, known as the “carburetor”, “carb”, “choke”, “bink”, “rush”, or “shotty”, which helps to clear the smoke when released. Glass bongs are preferred by many smokers because they are easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

How to use a glass bong step by step

Before you start smoking from a glass bong, you will need the following items:

  • Your favorite strain of herb or tobacco
  • A glass bong. Be sure your bong has a downstem and bowl.
  • A lighter or hemp wick
  • Water
  • A grinder (you can also use your fingers or scissors)

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps:

  1. Pour water into the mouthpiece until the waterline is above the base of the stem but below the bowl. You can also put ice cubes in the water if you’d like.
  2. Take a small amount of herb or tobacco, grind or break it up and fill the bowl, without packing it too tightly.
  3. Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece, creating a tight seal.
  4. Hold a flame over the bowl and inhale slowly and steadily. Using a lighter can result in low levels of butane inhalation, which is non-toxic but may present health problems in large quantities. You can use a hemp wick instead, which is a natural alternative that burns cleaner and preserves the flavor of your herb or tobacco.
  5. When the chamber starts to fill with smoke, pull out the bowl or take your finger off the carb and inhale forcefully, clearing the smoke into your lungs.
  6. Exhale and return the bowl. If desired, repeat steps 3-5.
  7. Clean your bong after each use by emptying the water and rinsing it with hot water. You can also use zipper-top plastic bags, plugs that fit the holes in your bong, and a cleaning solution (either one designed specifically for bongs or a combination of rubbing alcohol and coarse salt) to remove any residue.

How to reduce noise and smell when using a glass bong

While using a glass bong can be an enjoyable way to consume herb or tobacco, it can also be noisy and smelly. Here are some ways to reduce these problems:

  • Use less water in your bong. This will reduce the bubbling sound and make it easier to clear the smoke. However, don’t use too little water as this will make the smoke harsher and less filtered.
  • Use ice in your bong. This will cool down the smoke even more and make it smoother on your throat. It will also reduce the smell as colder smoke tends to have less odor than warmer smoke.
  • Use an air freshener or incense in your room. This will mask some of the smell of your herb or tobacco. You can also open a window or use a fan to ventilate the area.
  • Use a sploof or smoke buddy. A sploof is a homemade device that filters the smoke through dryer sheets or activated charcoal before you exhale. A smoke buddy is a commercial version of a sploof that you can buy online or in some headshops. Both of these devices will reduce the smell and the visible smoke that comes out of your mouth.
  • Use a towel or a blanket to cover the bong. This will muffle some of the sound and prevent the smoke from escaping into the air. However, be careful not to knock over the bong or burn yourself with the flame.


Using a glass bong can be a great way to enjoy your herb or tobacco, but it can also be noisy and smelly. By following these tips, you can minimize these issues and have a more discreet and pleasant bong session. Remember to always use your bong responsibly and respect the people around you.

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