13.5″ Very Smooth Perc Glass Bong: A Review


If you are looking for a high-quality, durable and smooth water pipe, you might want to check out the 13.5″ Very Smooth Perc Glass Bong from GlassBongs.eu. This glass bong is equipped with a percolator that has 24 cuts, which creates a lot of bubbles and filters the smoke for a cleaner and smoother hit. The bong is made of thick glass with a 5mm thickness and an 18mm female joint. The bong is clear with a colored logo and comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

The bong has a simple and elegant design that is easy to use and clean. The percolator is located at the bottom of the bong, which allows for more water to be added and more filtration to occur. The bong also has an ice catcher that can hold ice cubes to cool down the smoke even more. The mouthpiece is wide and comfortable, and the base is stable and sturdy. The bong is suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers who want a smooth and satisfying smoking session.

The 13.5″ Very Smooth Perc Glass Bong is available at GlassBongs.eu for €69.99, which is a reasonable price for such a high-quality glass bong. The bong comes with free shipping and discreet packaging, and you can also get a free grinder and screens with your order. If you are looking for a reliable and smooth water pipe, you should definitely give this glass bong a try.

Images source: Gili Glass