Why You Should Try King Palm’s Pack of 2 Mini Rolls

If you are looking for a natural, convenient and flavorful way to enjoy your dry herb, you should check out King Palm’s pack of 2 mini rolls. These are pre-rolled blunt cones made from palm leaves that are handpicked and carefully selected for quality. They come with organic cornhusk filters that cool down the smoke and prevent any herb from getting into your mouth. They also have a bamboo stick that makes packing easy and fast. Here are some of the benefits of using King Palm’s mini rolls:

  • Natural and chemical-free:

    Unlike other blunt wraps or rolling papers, King Palm’s mini rolls do not contain any tobacco, additives, flavors or glue. They are made from pure palm leaves that are sustainably harvested and processed. They burn slowly and evenly, producing a smooth and clean smoke that enhances the taste of your herb.

  • Convenient and easy to use:

    King Palm’s mini rolls are pre-rolled and ready to pack. You don’t need to worry about rolling skills or wasting time. Just use the bamboo stick to fill the cone with your desired amount of herb, twist the top and light it up. You can also reseal the package to keep the rolls fresh and moist.

  • Flavorful and fun:

    King Palm’s mini rolls come in different flavors that are derived from natural terpenes. You can choose from watermelon wave, margarita, banana cream and more. To activate the flavor, just squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and enjoy the burst of fruity aroma. You can also mix and match different flavors to create your own custom blends.

King Palm’s pack of 2 mini rolls is perfect for solo sessions or sharing with a friend. They are affordable, portable and satisfying. You can find them online or at your local smoke shop. Try them today and experience the difference of smoking with palm leaves.

Images source: kingpalm.com