How to Use a Glass Bong Without Making Too Much Noise or Smell

If you enjoy smoking herb or tobacco, you may have heard of or tried a glass bong. A glass bong is a water-filtration device that produces smooth, clean, and potent smoke. But how do you use a glass bong without attracting unwanted attention from your neighbors, roommates, or family? In this blog post, we will show you some tips and tricks to use a glass bong discreetly and quietly.

What is a Glass Bong and How Does It Work?

A glass bong is a type of pipe that consists of a bowl, a stem, a water chamber, and a mouthpiece. The bowl is where you put your herb or tobacco, the stem connects the bowl to the water chamber, the water chamber holds water that cools and filters the smoke, and the mouthpiece is where you inhale the smoke from.

To use a glass bong, you need to fill the water chamber with enough water to cover the bottom of the stem, but not too much that it splashes into your mouth. You also need to grind or break up your herb or tobacco and pack it into the bowl, without making it too tight or too loose. Then, you place your mouth inside the mouthpiece, creating a seal with your lips. You light the herb or tobacco with a lighter or hemp wick, and inhale slowly and steadily. As you inhale, the smoke travels through the stem, bubbles up through the water, and fills up the chamber. When the chamber is full of smoke, you pull out the bowl or take your finger off the carb (a small hole on the side of the bong that controls airflow), and inhale sharply, clearing the smoke from the chamber into your lungs. Then, you exhale and enjoy the effects.

How to Use a Glass Bong Quietly

One of the main challenges of using a glass bong is that it can make a lot of noise. The sound of bubbling water, coughing, and exhaling can be heard by anyone nearby, especially if you have thin walls or windows. To avoid making too much noise, here are some things you can do:

  • Use ice instead of water. Ice can make the smoke smoother and reduce coughing. It can also dampen the sound of bubbling by creating less turbulence in the water chamber. To use ice in your bong, fill up the water chamber with ice cubes or crushed ice, leaving some space for air at the top. Make sure your bong has an ice catcher (a pinched section in the neck of the bong that prevents ice from falling into the water chamber) or use a bong with a wide mouthpiece that can fit ice cubes.
  • Use a diffuser or percolator. A diffuser or percolator is an attachment that goes inside the stem of your bong and splits up the smoke into smaller bubbles. This increases the surface area of the smoke that comes in contact with water, making it cooler and smoother. It also reduces the noise of bubbling by creating more but quieter bubbles. You can buy a diffuser or percolator online or at a headshop, or make your own by poking holes in a plastic bottle cap and fitting it over the end of your stem.
  • Use a towel or pillow. A towel or pillow can act as a sound barrier between you and your surroundings. You can wrap a towel around your bong to muffle the sound of bubbling, or place a pillow over your mouth when you exhale to reduce the sound of blowing out smoke. Be careful not to cover your carb or bowl with the towel or pillow, as this can affect airflow and combustion.

How to Use a Glass Bong Without Smelling

Another challenge of using a glass bong is that it can produce a strong smell that lingers in your room and on your clothes. The smell of herb or tobacco can be detected by anyone who enters your space, especially if they have a sensitive nose or are familiar with the scent. To avoid smelling too much, here are some things you can do:

  • Use an air freshener or incense. An air freshener or incense can mask or neutralize the smell of herb or tobacco by adding another fragrance to your room. You can spray an air freshener before and after you use your bong, or light an incense stick and let it burn while you smoke. Choose an air freshener or incense that has a strong but pleasant smell, such as citrus, lavender, or sandalwood.
  • Use a sploof or smoke buddy. A sploof or smoke buddy is a device that filters the smoke that you exhale, removing most of the odor and particles. You can buy a sploof or smoke buddy online or at a headshop, or make your own by stuffing a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and rubber banding one end. To use a sploof or smoke buddy, simply exhale through it after you clear your bong.
  • Use a window or fan. A window or fan can help ventilate your room and disperse the smell of herb or tobacco by creating airflow. You can open a window and blow the smoke outside, or use a fan to direct the smoke away from you and towards the window. Make sure you close the door of your room and seal any gaps or cracks that can let the smell escape.


Using a glass bong can be a great way to enjoy your herb or tobacco, but it can also be noisy and smelly. To use a glass bong without making too much noise or smell, you can follow the tips and tricks we shared in this blog post. Remember to always use your glass bong responsibly and respectfully, and keep it clean and well-maintained. Happy smoking!