How to Hit a Bong Properly


If you are new to smoking bongs, you might be wondering how to hit a bong properly. Bongs are popular devices for smoking herb or tobacco, as they allow you to inhale a large amount of smoke in one go, and filter it through water for a smoother experience. However, hitting a bong can also be tricky, especially if you don’t know the right technique or how to prepare the bong. In this blog post, we will show you how to hit a bong like a pro, and give you some tips to avoid coughing or wasting your herb.

Preparing the Bong

Before you can hit a bong, you need to make sure it is ready for use. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Fill the bong with water. The water should cover the tip of the downstem, which is the long tube that connects the bowl to the water chamber. The water helps to cool and filter the smoke, so make sure it is clean and fresh. You can also add ice cubes to the water chamber or the mouthpiece for extra cooling.
  2. Grind up your herb or tobacco. Use your fingers, scissors, or a grinder to break up your herb into small pieces. This will help it burn more evenly and produce more smoke. However, don’t grind it too finely, or it might fall through the bowl and into the water.
  3. Pack the bowl. The bowl is the funnel-shaped piece that sits on top of the downstem. To pack it, take some larger pieces of herb and place them at the bottom of the bowl. This will prevent the smaller pieces from getting sucked through. Then, fill up the rest of the bowl with the ground herb, but don’t pack it too tightly or it will restrict the airflow.

Hitting the Bong

Now that your bong is ready, it’s time to hit it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Hold the bong with your non-dominant hand. Wrap your hand around the smoke chamber, which is the long section that connects the mouthpiece and the water chamber. Alternatively, you can hold the bong from the bottom.
  2. Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece. Make sure your lips are inside the opening, not around it. This will create a seal and prevent any smoke from escaping.
  3. Light the bowl with your dominant hand. Use a lighter or a match to ignite a small portion of the herb in the bowl. This is called “cornering” and it helps to conserve your herb and avoid burning it all at once.
  4. Inhale slowly and steadily while lighting the bowl. Watch as the smoke fills up the smoke chamber. The longer and harder you inhale, the more smoke you will get.
  5. Pull out the bowl or lift up the carb hole when you are ready to inhale. The carb hole is a small hole on the side of some bongs that allows you to control the airflow. When you pull out the bowl or lift up the carb hole, you will clear out all the smoke from the chamber into your lungs.
  6. Inhale deeply and hold it for a few seconds. This will allow you to absorb more of the active ingredients in your herb or tobacco.
  7. Exhale slowly and enjoy. You have just hit a bong like a pro!

Tips and Tricks

Hitting a bong can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging for beginners or those who are not used to it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you hit a bong better:

  • Breathe deeply before hitting a bong. This will oxygenate your body and make it easier to inhale and hold in the smoke.
  • Start with small hits. Don’t try to take huge rips right away, as this can make you cough or feel overwhelmed. Take small hits until you get comfortable with your bong and your herb.
  • Cough if you need to. Coughing is normal when smoking a bong, as it helps to clear your lungs and throat of any irritation or excess smoke. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if you cough, just make sure you have some water or a drink nearby to soothe your throat.
  • Clean your bong regularly. A dirty bong can affect the taste and quality of your smoke, as well as harbor bacteria and mold. To clean your bong, empty the water and rinse it with hot water. Then, use a brush or a pipe cleaner to scrub the inside of the bong, especially the bowl and the downstem. You can also use some rubbing alcohol or vinegar to disinfect and remove any residue. Rinse your bong again with hot water and let it dry before using it.


Hitting a bong is a great way to enjoy your herb or tobacco, as it allows you to inhale a lot of smoke in one go, and filter it through water for a smoother experience. However, hitting a bong also requires some preparation and technique, as well as some practice and patience. By following the steps and tips we have outlined in this blog post, you will be able to hit a bong properly and have a fun and satisfying smoking session.