Dopezilla Dab Rig – Lycan: A Monster of a Rig


If you’re looking for a high-quality dab rig that can deliver smooth and tasty hits, you might want to check out the Dopezilla Dab Rig – Lycan. This is a straight tube dab rig made from hand-blown 5mm thick borosilicate glass that features a Lycan monster decal on the base. There are color accents on the mouthpiece and bowl to make this rig a real standout piece.

The Lycan is fitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes ready for dabbing with the included 14.5mm male quartz banger. This monster-themed rig features a turbine percolator to help you achieve deeply satisfying, smooth and flavorful hits. The turbine percolator creates a vortex of water and vapor that cools and filters your dabs, while also creating an impressive visual effect.

The attractive bent neck mouthpiece means you won’t experience unpleasant splashback when you’re taking your hits, which is something dabbers like you appreciate. The bent neck also provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, as well as a clear view of the banger and the percolator.

At 9-inches tall, the Lycan is travel-friendly and easy to pack in your bag to take along with you. This is a sturdy and durable rig that can stand up to some abuse. With its wide and thick circular base and reinforced female joint, this beast is built to last.

The rig comes packaged in its own custom box, which adds to its appeal as a gift or a collector’s item. The box features the same Lycan logo as the rig, as well as some information about the product and the brand.

The Dopezilla Dab Rig – Lycan is available in three colors: transparent black, pale blue, and clear. You can choose your favorite color from the options below.

The Dopezilla Dab Rig – Lycan is a great choice for anyone who loves dabbing and wants a rig that can handle their needs. It’s also a fun and unique piece that will impress your friends and fellow dabbers. Don’t miss out on this monster of a rig and get yours today!

Images source: Smoke Cartel